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Welcome to the support section.

Getting Started with the Yamaha MX49 and MX61

There are 128 PERFORMANCES. When the PERFORMANCE NUMBER [SELECT] button is lit you can select any of the 128 stored User Performance setups using the DATA WHEEL or the [INC]/[DEC] buttons. Each PERFORMANCE can be a SINGLE, a LAYER, or a SPLIT program.

If the [LAYER] button is illuminated the program you have recalled will trigger PART 1 and PART 2 sounds simultaneously. If the [SPLIT] button is illuminated you have a split point (typically C3 or C4) where the two PART’s sounds are divided on the keyboard: PART 1 in your right hand and PART 2 in your left hand. If neither of these two buttons is lit, you have selected a Program that is a SINGLE Voice. Easy enough!

Many of the Programs will automatically activate the [ARP] light and/or the [RHYTHM PATTERN] function. Typically, pressing a key on the keyboard will automatically and simultaneously start both the ARPs and/or the Rhythm Pattern assigned to this PERFORMANCE. This is programmable on a per program basis.

PART 1 is always the first sound in a program, while PART 2 is always the Layered sound in a LAYER program, and PART 2 is always the Split sound in a SPLIT program. PART 10 is always the Rhythm Pattern sound in a PERFORMANCE containing a Rhythm Pattern. This makes it extremely easy to find what Voice or what Drum Kit is sounding. A close look at the decal under the screen you can see this is indicated. PART 1 is indicated with a solid red bar, while PART 2 is indicated with an open clear bar, and PART 10 is indicated as the Rhythm Pattern. When you look closely at the LAYER button you will see the same solid red bar over the open clear bar - indicating that PART 1 is layered over PART 2. When you look closely at the SPLIT button you will see the solid red bar on the right side the clear open bar on the left - indicating how the PART 1 sound is in the right hand side of the split point while the PART 2 sound is going to the bass side.

To access any PART number, 1-16, directly:
Press [PART SELECT] – it lights
Press the numbered button [1]-[16] to select that PART to sound.

Summary: Each PERFORMANCE recalls 16 VOICES - one in each of the 16 PARTS. You can typically play one of the SINGLE, or LAYER Parts 1 and 2, or SPLIT Parts 1 or 2. The Rhythm Pattern always accesses the VOICE assigned to PART 10. When the [PART SELECT] button is lit, instead of reading what is written above the 16 white buttons read the number underneath - these are your 16 PARTS.

Notice when [PART SELECT] is lit, you read what is written above the buttons - the CATEGORY of the VOICES. This is very important to see and understand. We’ll take it a step at a time. We mentioned initially there are 128 PERFORMANCES - each PERFORMANCE has 16 sounds.

PLAY THE PERFORMANCES: (very important)

Press the [SELECT] button, directly under the “PERFORMANCE NUMBER” screen; recall program 001. When [SELECT] is lit you can view the name of the PERFORMANCE, when you press it to extinguish the light, you can access the VOICES assigned to this PERFORMANCE. The first program PERFORMANCE, 001, is called “MX Category” and will serve as the default Program. It contains the Yamaha CFIIIS acoustic piano Voice: “CONCERT GRAND” in PART 1

Press [SELECT] to extinguish the LED and view the VOICES assigned to this PERFORMANCE
MX Category (Performance Number 001) is the best place to start if you want to go through individual VOICE programs of the MX. It is a SINGLE program, meaning it has just one VOICE assigned to it. In this case the aforementioned main Piano Voice.