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Welcome to the support section.

Setting up the MO 6/8 Multi-timbrally

To set up MO for 16-track multi--timbral operation you just need to be in ‘Pattern’ mode then press the MIXING button. F2 [VOICE] will call up the Track Voice page and you can use the cursor keys and jog wheel to highlight each track in turn and dial up a different voice.

And yes, Tracks 1-16 default to MIDI Channels 1-16.

If you’re not yet familiar with recording on the MO sequencer we recommend you also now turn off a parameter called ‘Track Voice.’


Because, as we’ll explain later, the MO employs a whole cunning system of letting you record, use, and re-use ‘Phrases’ which can remember the patch that was applied to them when the Phrase was first recorded. Nice, but if you’re just assigning multi-timbral sounds and you’re not yet into the finer points of sequencing, this parameter can trip you up, so best just turn the Phrase/Track Voices OFF right now.

To do this:

Press PATTERN button, F3 [TRACK] SF3 [TR VOICE].

Now use the jog wheel and cursor keys to turn each Track Voice to OFF.