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Welcome to the support section.

Performance Mode

Motif’s have all offered so-named Performance programs. These are multi-voice programs that can tap into the arpeggios in order to create drum loops or a myriad other rhythmic backings.

Performances were originally designed just to be played live, a performance, geddit?

Problem was, Performances being so infectious and inspirational that a lot of people always wanted to just grab hold of the record button and capture the groove or song they were playing.

On the original Motif and Motif ES this is possible, but the word ‘performance’ suddenly took on an additional meaning.

On the XS, Performances have been put on steroids. There are four interactive arpeggiators and the arps can be harmonically intelligent. So now a Performance can have drums, bass, guitars and a synth arp all going at once. The bass and guitars will play the harmonically correct notes depending on what chords you play on the keyboard.

It’s a very elaborate system based on the same technology found in the Tyros.
Even better, on the XS recording your Performance to a Pattern or Song has been distilled down to one button - press: “Record.”

You can now hit Record and record your real-time Performance-playing into the sequencer. All you need to do after that is go into Pattern or Song mode and there it’ll all be (split out onto four MIDI channels) for you to add to and continue working on. There has never been a quicker way to put together great sounding backing tracks.

There is also a new control option: PERFORMANCE CONTROL. This turns the 16 Track Select buttons into four groups of four — so you can interactively control the performance of the PERFORMANCE!


ARP ON/OFF [5]-[8]

PART MUTE [9]-[12]

ARP HOLD [13]-[16]