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Welcome to the support section.

Assigning Insert Effects

INSERTION effects are applied to a particular Voice or Part in a Multi.

From Multi mode press [EFFECT]. Now select any four PARTS to recall their DUAL INSERTION EFFECTS from VOICE mode. Store your MULTI to one of 128 USER MULTI locations.

From Voice mode Press [EDIT] then [EFFECT] (the EFFECT button will toggle you between the routing screen and the in depth parameters of the Voice’s effects). You select which effects are active on the routing (CONNECT) screen and you edit the parameters of the effect on the alternate screen. Use the PAGE < > buttons to move from Effect to Effect.

To assign a controller to control an effect, use the CONTROL SETS:

Press [EDIT] to exit the EFFECTS area. Then press [SHIFT] + [COMMON] to view the COMMON screens. Use the [PAGE] buttons to recall the CONTROL SETS screen.

To store changes, make sure you STORE them to a USER Voice location and then place that USER Voice in your MULTI.

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