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Software Updates

MOX OS V1.01 Now Available for Download

Version 1.01 of the MOX OS has been announced and is available for download from

New features include:

Rehearsing Function while Recording

During Realtime Recording in the Song/Pattern mode, pressing the [REC] button will call up the “Rehearsal” mode. In this mode, the [REC] indicator will flash and playback will continue uninterrupted; however, no data will be recorded, letting you practice a part or try out various ideas (while listening to the other tracks) without actually recording. To return to the Record mode, press the [REC] button again—the [REC] indicator will light continuously.

Auto Power Off Function

To prevent unnecessary power consumption, this instrument features an Auto Power Off function that automatically turns the power off if the instrument is not operated for a specified period of time.

This process can be deactivated. Turn the power on while holding down the lowest key on the keyboard. A “Auto power off disabled.” indication appears briefly and Auto Power Off is disabled. The setting is retained even if the power is turned off.
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