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Software Updates

Motif OS V1.3 Now Available for Download

Version 1.3 of the Motif XF OS has been announced and is available for download from

New features include:

• PRO TOOLS Remote Control!

Now you can select Pro Tools in the Remote DAW type. For details about selecting the
DAW type, refer to “Remote Control and MIDI settings” in the Reference Manual.

• Speed and Start Point settings for Audio Playback

Now you can change the playback speed of the Audio Playback in File mode without
changing the pitch. Also, you can start Audio Playback from any desired point in the
audio data.

• “News” function

With the MOTIF XF connected to Internet, this function automatically downloads the
latest information about the instrument from a special Yamaha server and shows it on the

Download Motif XF OS V1.3
Download this update