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Viewing topic "LCD DISPLAY HELP"

Posted on: July 07, 2024 @ 11:08 AM
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Joined  07-07-2024
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Hi all,

The display on my motif 6 started to fail over time (lines through it etc) until it eventually just went blank. I managed to get hold of a replacement display and swapped it out, but the problem is still the same! I can measure 5v on the pins and i’ve buzzed out some of the other connections from the display controller IC . I cant see any breaks in the wires on either the old or the replacement display units. I can’t see any blown caps or board damage. At this point i’m thinking it needs a new main board, but I was just hoping someone in here would have some experience or maybe some new ideas.  When I start up in the test menu I just get a few evenly space lines across the whole screen , but nothing else. Contrast control seems to work, cant see any damage to the LCD. Just nothing to see!  Aside from this the thing works perfectly - I just can’t see what i’m bloody doing!

Thanks for reading


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