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Viewing topic "Distorted organ sounds and unexpected volume changes in mixes (song mode)"

Posted on: February 15, 2024 @ 09:12 AM
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Joined  06-25-2008
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Motif ES7
The other day at practice, when I put my Kingston USB key (2G) into the slot and turned on my keyboard, I was surprised to discover that it hadn’t loaded.  All I had were piano sounds.  I turned off the keyboard and tried again.  None of my programs were loaded.  Usually it takes 4 minutes for my key to load.  I put in a backup key, and it loaded.  Therefore, I thought I had a key problem.

Back home, I set everything up again and tried the Kingston USB key again.  This time it loaded.  Hmmm.  An intermittent problem, I wondered.

Then, I discovered that some of the sounds in my programs were distorted.  Instead of having a nice Leslie effect, my organ sounds were “warbling”.  Some of the organ sounds seemed thin, instead of having a “full-bodied” sound.  The volume levels of some of my mixes (in song mode) were also off (some of the sounds were too high, others too low).  Was it the Kingston key?

I loaded a backup key.  The same problem occurred.

I did a factory reset.  Same problem.

I turned on the keyboard with no USB key, just to listen to the voices - especially the organ voices.  They’re “weird”.  (I think.  Maybe the problem is me?? I was wondering.  Need new ears?)

I’ve been playing this keyboard for the past 17 years without a problem.  It’s been a real workhorse.  I have muddled through trying to program it (very complex user manual) and can just manage “the tip of the iceberg” - probably in a shamefully unorthodox way (to compensate for my lack of technical synthesizer/sound knowledge).  But at least, the platform was stable - no surprises over all these years.

Have a concert coming up at the end of March, and am a bit worried.  I found a specialized technician in Montreal who has some ideas of his own, but is waiting for some insights from you to help him try to fix the problem.

Any ideas?

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