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Viewing topic "Still struggling with MOX & Cubase"

Posted on: November 15, 2023 @ 07:42 AM
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Joined  07-28-2013
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Having recently retired I decided to finally try and figure out how to use my MOX 6 which I have had for many years and is still in like new condition. With the generous support of Steinberg I was able to update the Cubase AI 6 to AI 10 and deferred having to buy a new iMac etc.
I originally bought the MOX to play (purchased) midi backing tracks using the inbuilt sequencer OR via the Cubase DAW sequencer.
I have the unit fully operational in Cubase with the USB drivers/ Remote Editor/ VST Editor and all the manuals. I once had the Motifator DVD about how to use the MOX but can’t locate it. After all these years I am embarassed to admit that I’m still significantly in the dark about how this system works!
I can connect the MOX and play keyboard parts into Cubase and play them back via the MOX sound engine, I can load midi files into the MOX or Cubase and get some success playing back the songs but I can never get program ( patch) changes to work as the VST editor always allows the original midi event to override any changes I make - either in Song (Mixing) or when I load a midi file in Cubase and play it back through the MOX. The VST editor automatically synchronizes the project back to the original midi event and reverses all my editing via VST editor or in Mixing on the MOX itself. I have tried to set up the sync direction PC>MOX and or MOX>PC
The Reference and Owners manuals are so difficult to understand with so many settings that a novice can easily/accidentally make mistakes configuring MOX to interact with Cubase.
I was wondering if there is a book/video series for really learning how to use this combination of MOX/MOXF and Cubase. I know this system is fantastic if only I could learn how to use and apply the myriad of features.

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