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Viewing topic "Unable to download and save USER 2 bank"

Posted on: November 01, 2023 @ 05:39 AM
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Joined  09-17-2023
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Hi all

I am trying to (unsuccessfully) save all of the voices in the USER 2 bank to an external USB drive as a single AllVoice file.

I managed to save all of the USER 1 bank as an AllVoice file but I think this was by good fortune rather than because I knew what I was doing…

Basically, the synth was set to USER 1, I pressed file, made a directory, pressed save and a USER 1 bank popped out the other end… if I do the same by setting the synth to USER 2 and repeating the process, I still get a USER 1 bank.

My aim is to transfer the entire factory ES library over to my new XF and then sell the ES ... if there’s a better way of doing this (or if someone has already done it), could you please reply and let me know?

Thanks very much for your help.

cheers :-)

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Posted on: November 01, 2023 @ 05:52 AM
Total Posts:  3
Joined  09-17-2023
status: Newcomer


My bad… I sorted it out and found out what the problem was.

I had unknowingly downloaded both ES User 1 and 2 banks and when I viewed then in my XF, I had the XF User 1 bank selected which will limit the XF display to show you only what is in the User 1 bank… if I selected the User 2 button, the display updated to show the contents of ES User 2.

Everything was there but I didn’t know where to look for it ... story of my life really ;-)


ps: is there a way to download the PRE voice banks?

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