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Viewing topic "1 question / 2 problems: USB formatting and x0v files."

Posted on: September 17, 2023 @ 04:55 PM
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Hi all

Two sort of inter-related problems here.

I cannot for the life of me get my ES6 to format a USB stick or Smart Media card… before you all jump up and down, the USB drive is 2Gb and I used Win 11 to format the drive to FAT16 as I can’t do it in the ES6.

If I insert the USB drive into the synth and press ‘File’, the synth will recognise the drive and I can scroll through the various file formats in the menu eg. All, All Voice etc.  However, if I try and format the drive, I get “unknown error -1” which doesn’t really explain anything.  The same goes for formatting a Smart Card (same error).

So - problem #1: I can’t format a memory card.

Problem #2 is a bit weird and might not even be due to the synth.  I have been using the Auto Sampler from Chicken System’s Translator v6 to create a library of sounds from an old synth I wat to import into the ES6.  Auto Sampler will sample various notes and then export the library into various formats… in this case, I exported it as Motif ES All Voice format (there are others such as Motif All Voice, XS and XF All Voice)… anyway, I end up with a .x0v file which I copied onto the above USB drive… the synth recognises that there’s space taken up on the drive by a mystery file but the synth doesn’t see the x0v file… there’s nothing listed in the directory.

This might be a Translator problem as I can see library files (.W7A files) on the drive but not .x0v files…

So - problem #2: Can’t recognise x0v files.

Is there a place where I can download someone’s working x0v file so I can test if it’s recognised by my ES6?  I haven’t contacted Chicken Systems yet (next job on the list) ... if anyone has an .x0v file they’d be willing to send me, that would be really helpful.

OK, that’s enough… this post is already way too long.

Thanks for your help :-)

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Posted on: September 18, 2023 @ 12:23 PM
- Henry -
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Hi Tekhed66,

On your Motif ES, are you still able to write (save) files onto the same USB stick or SmartMedia card?

With regards to your unrecognised file:
I’m sorry, but the .X0V file type is not among those compatible with the Motif ES (refer to pages 269-270 of the Owner’s Manual). Instead, it is an “All Voice” file format associated with the Motif XS.

- H -

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