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Viewing topic "Motif Rack - Selecting Muti memory bank via MIDI not working (CC/PC commands), Other memories banks are fine."

Posted on: May 08, 2023 @ 12:56 AM
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Joined  05-08-2023
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Hello, wonder if anybody could help.

I am helping a friend change sounds on several keyboard units at once using CC / PC midi commands. one of them is the Yamaha Motif Rack. This is set to receive midi channel 1.

I have been successful in changing to all the memory banks excerpt the muti-bank.

in other words sending in succession:
CC 000 = 63
CC 032 = 1
PC = 6

Will call up ‘preset 2’ memory, selecting preset 5. no patter what the current sound/memory selection is.

This works fine until I get beyond User 2 (PLG2) (I think from memory) ie the higher CC 032 commands wont work - in other words, when I want to select from the ‘multi’ memory this wont work (the ‘Preset PGL’ ones don’t work either, but I’m not sure if they are installed on his keyboard).

Sending values [63 / 65 / 0] will change the preset number when already within the multi memory I think, but it wont change the bank when it is not already within that memory.

Any ideas? Is there another setting we need to change on the keyboard to accept this message? Should it should receive these messages on the same midi channel as the others or is that a separate setting?

I am sending the messages one after another.

I’m sure you are fed up with these kind of posts - sorry!


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Posted on: May 11, 2023 @ 12:25 PM
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Joined  05-08-2023
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Just for anyone else, after some deep digging, it turns out these two ‘modes’ (voice/multi) respond differently to midi messages. ie The bank select and program change messages will only work with the mode it is set to at the time.

the only way around this is to send a SysEx message to change the mode first:

Which is now working.

So each of my preset change messages now has 4 parts!

SysEx Message (select the mode)
CC 000 - corresponding to the mode above
CC 032 - corresponding to the mode above
Program change


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