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Viewing topic "Motif XS6 Test mode USB to HOST fail (FOUND PROBLEM)"

Posted on: May 06, 2023 @ 10:24 AM
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Joined  05-05-2023
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Hi All,

UPDATE 1 June 2023. After te examination of the micro soldering i have successfully restored the old gal back to life yes yes… It was indeed the non working USB to host interface that after installing and preparing the ic831 chip and a couple of trace repairs of 0,1 mm width it works.

UPDATE 28-05-2023, i have installed the new IC831 still sadly no luck in getting the system to boot...ANYONE any IDEA ?????
USB to HOST still reporting NG sadly.

Just as other users i have the dreaded startup problem.
I bought a non working xs6 as a project to try to get it fixed.

Seems this old gal has had quiet the life. It missed the USB to device port, which was probably soldered out. Fixed that by using a USB socket i had laying around.  I at least was able to flash the firmware with the latest version. But sadly still the logo hanging.

So eventually i took the DM board out and looked at the schematics.
Turns out there is an Inverter de-soldered of type : SN74AHCT04PWR
Its a component of just a couple of cents. Hard part will be the soldering in as it seems a couple of traces are of the board so needs
some trace repair and cross your fingers it will work.

In test mode USB to HOST fails (yes i connected both) which now makes sense as there is no logic inverter on the board ;-(

Btw the PNA panel is now working again after cleaning and contact spray.


They had a Bypass wire from R818 to ??? which i am still figuring out on the schematic. I was foolish enough to NOT take a picture of where it was attached. Maybe this was to circumfent the boot procedure on checking for the USB to HOST port.

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