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Viewing topic "Motif-Rack ES with PLG150-DX freezes and stops producing sound"

Posted on: May 02, 2023 @ 02:00 PM
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Joined  10-17-2021
status: Newcomer

Hello Motifators,

I’m having problems with a PLG150-DX that got a few weeks ago for a Motif-Rack ES, the problem is that whenever I hit the MULTI the Motif-Rack gets a bit slower, then when I hit VOICE I’m getting no sound at all from any of the voices on the PLG1PRE1 bank.

What is interesting, if I try to modify any parameter via the UTILITY menus then I can barely move around the settings, and some times the Motif-Rack just get frozen.

In an effort to clear any misconfiguration, I went ahead and updated the firmware from 1.02 to 1.03 and then did a factory reset, just in case, but the symptoms are exactly the same.

Another thing that I tried is swapping cards with an MU-100 holding a PLG150-PF, the PLG150-PF works fine in the Motif-Rack, I can go back and forth in between VOICEs and MULTIs with no hiccups, I can go UTILITY and changes the settings with no problem.

The PLG150-DX in the other hand, works fine in the MU-100, but the problem is, there is no MULTI in there, thus, there is no way to send such signal to the PLG150-DX in there.

Back to the Motif-Rack, I also tried to setup the PLG150-DX in the second slot and change the MIDI port and channel accordingly, although I’m not sure if that’s necessary as all I want is the voices played from a MIDI controller, still, the result is the same, I can’t switch to MULTIs and then come back to VOICEs because then all the voices in the PLG1PRE1 will be muted.

There is one other thing I’ve observed, when booting up the Motif-Rack I’m not seeing any logo shown on the screen, as another post here in the Motifator shows when he is turning on his Motif-Rack ES, no DX logo, no PF logo, in the MU-100 I can see the logo for both, the DX and the PF.

My question is then, do I need to set up something else in the Motif-Rack once the PLG150-DX is installed ? I can’t say for sure the PLG150-DX is defective, it is the Motif-Rack, or both, thus, asking for help here, in case anyone has a clue, or a similar experience dealing these plug-in boards.

Thank you!

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