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Viewing topic "The Real Problem with Software Instruments & VSTs"

Posted on: September 20, 2022 @ 08:38 AM
Total Posts:  339
Joined  12-17-2013
status: Enthusiast

Sure Software Instruments and VSTs are cheaper, they don’t take up physical space and they don’t break down.  BUT!!!

They can quickly become obsolete because they are tied to particular operating systems, and computer chips.

Software Instruments are designed to work with specific operating system and chips.  Once those operating systems are upgraded or new chips come out, that it, your software instrument or VST is either obsolete or some will be.

Some Software Instruments and VSTs only run on Windows. Some only run on Macs.  Some only run on Linux.  Some VSTs and VSTis will only work with 32 bit computer chips , others only work with 64bit.  Some will only work on Intel Processors, Some will only work on the new Apple Silicon, or the old Apple Power PC.  Some will only work on Mac OS Big Sur, others will only work on Mac Os Lion or below.  Some will only work on Windows 10, or Windows 11, or Windows 98 LOL. 

Yea my Saxophone, Violin, or Motif might need to be repaired from time to time, but like any other physical instrument they don’t become obsolete.  If physical instruments are maintained they can last for many decades, some even for hundreds of years.

There are many benefits to Software Instruments and VSTs, but those benefits go only as far as the version of the operating system and processor they are running on lasts.  The minute there is a software update, or firmware update the functionality of your software instrument is in jeopardy.  The more operating system updates, firm updates, or plugin updates that happen in the same environment that the Software Instrument is in, means the Software Instrument is living on borrowed time and obsolescence is inevitable.

This obsolescence whether intentional, or circumstantial benefits those that sell Software instruments and VSTs.  The obsolescence guarantees continuous and perpetual sales.  But it is not a good deal for the consumer, musician, producer, etc that has to deal with all of the fallout from their Software Instruments and VSTs becoming obsolete.

I dunno, maybe we should reconsider our relationships and dependence on Software Instruments and VSTs, or maybe we should require all Software Instrument and VST, VSTi vendors to always make their software backwardly compatible with all operating system versions and computer chips!!!!

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