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Viewing topic "Spectralis 2 vs Virus TI2: the heat is on!"

Posted on: February 07, 2009 @ 12:16 AM
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Joined  11-14-2004
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Some sound examples of Spectralis 2:
[url=] [/url]

When I checked out the analog filter sounds, the studio monitors literally blew warm air into the room!!!

Compare the above to the Virus TI2 sounds:
[url=] [/url]

No doubt, Virus sounds very warm and rich for a VA, even though spectralis has REAL analog monosynth, REAL analog filterbank which are real advantages.

Which would you buy and why?

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Posted on: February 09, 2009 @ 02:51 PM
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Joined  07-11-2006
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Re: Spectralis 2 vs Virus TI2: the heat is on!

both are overpriced, overrated products of german engineering as with most german engineered products.

saying that, i prefer both for different purposes man. spectralis is a beatbox with good analogish synth while virus is a 16 part analogish synth.

spectralis doesn’t have analog monosynth, but its DSP va synth has analog filters and a filterbank as well, so you can run the digital oscillators through analog filterbank which creates great punchy sound that will SHAME the virus.

virus is good with new dsp effects.

you know what this doesn’t excite me, what excites me is the MUCH UNDERRATED, ROLAND V-SYNTH GT...a fine piece of japanese engineering. ok, its only 2 parts unlike 16 parts on virus, but seriously that’s all i need to make a 16 part song - just record track by track as the good old engineers of the past...its WAY BEYOND a JUPITER, JUNO, JX 10 and other roland classics. crybabies are still asking for a jupiter...well tell ya what the v-synth gt filters are not the standard TVF filters on the fantom g...these are real tb and jupiter modeled filters. when you buy a v-synth and power it on, you get 3 options: ver1, ver2 (new OS) or GT_analog!

i just bought a gt and it blows the virus out of the planet and beyond…

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