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Viewing topic "Adding XSpand Your World Voices To Logic"

Posted on: February 05, 2009 @ 04:40 PM
Total Posts:  1743
Joined  10-22-2004
status: Guru

If anyone has loaded the new XSpand Your World voices into your normal setup as I have, here is how to load them into Logic’s Environment… Open either a new project or your template. Press Command (Apple Key) + 8 to open the Environment. Select Midi Instrument from the pull down menu…

Double-click your multi-instrument to open the Device Name Edit Window.

Navigate to the proper bank…

and select options > ‘Cut All Names’…

Open the attached file in TextEdit and press Command + A to select all files, followed by Command +C.

Return to Logic and in the Device Name Window select: options > paste all names… Save as your template.

Note: In order to have the voice names available in your current songs, this will need to repeated in each song…

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