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Viewing topic "Old Logic Songs not working after firmware upgrade"

Posted on: February 02, 2009 @ 09:32 PM
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old Logic Songs not working after firmware upgrade (By old I dont mean I created them on my Atari-I mean before the upgrade to 1.02)

What happened? I loaded the firmware upgrade from the Yamaha site moving me to 1.02 the latest. The update seemed to go well. Now my Logic songs using the Motif don’t play correctly. The drum tracks are playing completely different drums from the patch and completely different patches. A few of the patches are the same per song but there are as many that don’t match as those that do.

I use the Multi-mode on the Motif. Before the upgrade, when I loaded a song, I’d only have to press stop and the multi would switch from whatever is currently loaded in the Motif to those that are setup for the song.

Here is a quick email I sent to Yamaha support describing a problem I had upgrading the firmware. Thanks for any help


I have just completed a firmware update fro 1.0014 to 1.02. Downloaded the most recent firmware from the website last night(Feb. 1,2009) After running the firmware update through Cubase AI the first time, the process completed but the unit did not work as expected. The load got interrupted but upon resuming the load, the Motif completed the firmware upload and displayed ‘firmware uppgrade complete successful” So after this first attempt at upgrading the firmware, the songs I had already programmed in Logic Pro 8, did not call up the correct patches in the Multi mode.

I ran the firmware update a second time and I’m having the same problem. There are audio glitches(distortion via spidf) to my Presonus FireProject Studio. These distortions weren’t there before the update but is present after both attempts to upgrade the firmware bulk load via Cubase AI4. My primary concern is that I can have the Motif’s multi mode functioning properly in my current Logic projects. My second most concern is have the audio via spidf clean. How do I get rid of these distortions? What got altered? I can use the analogue outs for now. Both attempts at a firmware upgrade where interrupted because of other software functioning on my system. Both attempts were resumed successfully such that the Motif display showed the upgrade to be successful and to restart the Motif. One problem with Cubase AI4 was that when I switched away from the application the transport stopped working. i couldn’t find a ‘play in background’ option in Cubase AI4 so when software update automatically opened, the transport stopped. Fortunately the Motif was very smart and paused until i returned to the Cubase application. Once I returned to the reselected the Cubase AI4 application to be the primary focus window, the bulk load resumed. The second firmware update I performed got stopped by my system going to sleep. The Cubase program then refused to resume. I had to force quit the application. oF course, the Motif screen displayed that an error ahd occured and that the load was not succesful however, it was still waiting for instructions. I stared the load again from the begining and the led on the Motif displayed the spinning prompt, so I allowed the restarted Cubase AI4 to run until it caught up to the point that it left off, the Motif seemed happy with the restart and did resume the load of the firmware. For the second time, the Motif displayed that the load was successful and to turn the Motif off. I turned it off back on and the same problems occured after the second ‘successful’ firmware update. My Logic songs won’t play using the patches I used upon creation of those performances.

I am able to use my Motif Rack XS Multi-Mode with Cubase AI4 successfully (excluding the digital distortion in spidf) So, do I need to reset or update my Logic Mutli-Instrument to work with whatever has been changed in the Motif firmware? What do I do ?

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Posted on: February 03, 2009 @ 07:37 AM
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Re: Old Logic Songs not working after firmware upgrade

I am assuming you are referring to the XS Rack, correct? (you didn’t mention that until the very last line of the post)

There is nothing in a Yamaha firmware update that is going to affect Logic Pro or the songs and settings you have saved in Logic Pro.

Firmware updates erase (initialize) all of user settings, multi’s, voices, etc… to their factory state. So, they would need to be saved prior to the update and reloaded afterward. And, that is the only reason I can fathom as to why the voices in your multi’s are no longer ‘matching up’…

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