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Viewing topic "mo6 and Finale Allegro 2007 compatibility?"

Posted on: February 02, 2009 @ 07:53 PM
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Joined  01-31-2009
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After searching many forums I have not quite found the answer I seek. So I have come here to make my first official post! This is exciting and I am happy to join this flourishing community.

Recently I made my first synth purchase and I have been anticipating more success than I have found. I utilize Finale 2007 to arrange all of my midi files. However, I am finding that I get an “Illegal File” error from the files created by Finale. I have used both SMF -1 and -0 and have also tried the Yamaha conversion tool to no avail.

I am curious if there is another format I should be aware of or a specific program I can use to convert the Finale born files into files that will be usable by my MO.

Any and all advice is welcome, Thanks so much for your time!

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