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Viewing topic "Sonar crashes and Kontakt issues"

Posted on: January 24, 2009 @ 02:17 AM
Total Posts:  99
Joined  03-28-2004
status: Experienced

I’m so glad I have my MOTIF ES since my Sonar and Kontakt software have caused me so much grief and continuously.  The thing crashes so often over a year I thank God I can play just on the Motif and compose and record just on the Motif, it’s that great an instrument, and it doesn’t crash (although my old Oberheim OB-1 used to crash bi-anually) And the nice MOTIF sequencer/recorder is very natural although editing is a bit more of a hassle than on a PC.  I’m just so sick of my Kontakt samples swallowing up my Sonar’s CPU reserve along with the annoying delay and latency it’s like being unable to make notes ejaculate. It needs Kontakt Viagra.  However, the ES always delivers with no problems and the sequencer never crashes or needs 20 settings that may or may NOT work together the way you need to them check them off absolutely correctly in SONAR. 
Then again, I’ll have my Sonar and Kontakt working for a couple of months like a charm. I’ll experience very few problems until one day for no particular reason something will go wrong and multiply itself into more problems until, like now, nothing is working on the computer.  So I’m left to playing my Motif right out of the box, returning to factory settings (on the ES).  I’ve written songs that were just as detailed and cool as anything I’ve done on SONAR, just straight through Motif (both Pattern and Song based originals).  Of course it’s a little more of a hassle running these through mastering and burning than doing it all in Sonar, but when my DAW crashes, I’m just grateful I can avoid having to wait to create.  Despite Murphy’s Microsoft law: “Whatever can crash will crash”. 
So I’m back, temporarily, to playing all Motif sounds straight out of the box until I can get the guys at Sweetwater to help me.

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