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Posted on: January 18, 2038 @ 07:14 PM
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Joined  06-04-2003
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Here are the top questions from the Motif and MOTIF ES forums as compiled by Uber user Brad Weber.

[*] Arpeggios of different tempos (in pattern mode)
[*] Assigning samples through the Integrated Sequencer
[*] Bad Mister Explains How to Count Polyphony
[*] Bad Mister Explains Phrase Headers and Track Voices
[*] Bad Mister Explains Sequencing and Sampling
[*] Bad Mister’s Advice on Playing GM Files on the Motif
[*] Copy a voice to a mix with all its effects
[*] Copying Voice Effects to Performance
[*] Country Steel Guitar Sounds
[*] Creating User Libraries (with external samples) without duplicate waveforms
[*] Dividing Drum Tracks and Reassigning Drum Kits for the Split Tracks
[*] Effects Processing for Drum Voices - an Overview by Bad_Mister
[*] Electronic Musician article on Mastering
[*] Hooking up my Motif to Cakewalk or Sonar XL
[*] How do I build my own drumkit using internal samples
[*] Importing Waves to the Motif ES
[*] Instructions for Saving Individual Performances
[*] MIDI - Making It Real - Tutorial
[*] MIDI Song Playback on Motif ES
[*] Motif Classic Preset Voices in ES ALL VOICE Format
[*] Multi-Band Compressors
[*] Patch Available for USB Isochronous Data Transfers
[*] PLG100-VH Tips from Bad_Mister
[*] Recording a Song to CD (Motif ES)
[*] Recording a Song to CD (Motif)
[*] Recording Guitars Directly with the Motif Classic
[*] Recording Vocals with the Motif Classic
[*] Saving a Resampled Song
[*] Saving an Autoload ALL file and setting up Autoload (Motif ES)
[*] Saving an Autoload ALL file and setting up Autoload (Motif)
[*] Seamlessly Switching Voices on the Motif Classic
[*] Seamlessly Switching Voices on the S90
[*] Setting Up a Simple Two Part Performance
[*] Setting Up Microphone With the ES (including effects)
[*] Setting up to play live with an imported MIDI sequence (Motif ES)
[*] Transpose vs. Note Shift
[*] USB-MIDI Voice Editor Bulk Timeout
[*] Using Drum Kits for Triggered Samples
[*] Using the Voice Editor to Create Custom User Banks
[*] Vintage Keys Voice Descriptions
[*] Voices in Motif vs. Motif ES
[*] Why maximum sample size is limited to 380 seconds

Thanks Brad!!!!


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