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Welcome to the support section.

USB Updater for Motif Classic v1.10

MOTIF OS Updater lets you update the OS of the following devices:

MOTIF 6/MOTIF7/MOTIF8 older than V1.70


- This updater is to be used at the user’s own risk.

- To update a MOTIF, you need a SMART MEDIA (8MB-128MB) and SMART MEDIA writer to copy the Updater from your computer to the SMART MEDIA. In addition, a Sequence software and USB cable is required to update USB Firm.

- All User data (User Voices, User Performances, and so on) will be initialized. Please make sure that you save all User data before performing this update.

- The unit may become inoperable if the electrical supply is interrupted while running the updater (by pulling out the AC cord, etc.). If this happens, run the updater again from the first step.

- If the unit does not function after running the updater, please contact your nearest Yamaha service center.