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Welcome to the support section.

Sampling through ES effects

Another major improvement in the Motif ES is the expanded sampling 512MB (and more), but the ability to now record through the powerful Dual Insertion Effects is significant.

When you want to record with the INSERTION EFFECTS:

* Press MIXING
* Press EDIT
* Press COMMON
* Press F6 EFFECT

To turn on the Insertion Effect for the A/D input:

* Press SF2 INS SW (Insert Switch)

You can turn the AD PART ON if and only if you have an INSERTION SWITCH available. It may be necessary to turn the INSERTION SWITCH OFF temporarily on another Part so that you can record (sample) through it for this operation. Only 8 Insertion Effects can be active at a time. Later you can turn it back ON for the Part you borrow it from.

Notice that you are placing the INSERTION SWITCH on the AD (analog-to-digital) input PART, which will allow you to record it. You are not routing the track (Track 16 has no data on it yet), besides the track is post the sampler.


* Press F5 AUDIO IN
* Press SF2 INS TYPE

Here you have the dual processors with 116 algorithms each. These effects applied here will be recorded (sampled) to the track. You have to make a decision whether or not you want to do this now or later. It is “what-you-hear-is-what-you-get”. You can select from among Compressors, Reverbs, Chorus, Delays, etc., etc.

Above INS_A is set to the DYNAMICS category and a Compressor is selected.

* Press SF3 INS_A (and SF4 INS_B, if selected) to edit the selected Insertion Effect parameters.
* Press SF1 OUTPUT - Set the parameters for the AD PART, including the pan, output level, Mono/Stereo, etc.

* Set the Mono/Stereo to “L­_mono” to correspond to the jack you are using on the back panel of the Motif ES for the microphone input.
* Increase the Volume as necessary for comfort.
* The Rev_Send and Cho_Send cannot be recorded. These will not be recorded (sampled). If you want to record with Reverb you can use one of the two INSERTION EFFECTS to select an appropriate reverb. Technically, we are patching the INSERTION EFFECT on the input stage of the AD prior to the recorder (sampler). The Reverb and Chorus processors are post the recorder and therefore not able to be sampled (or heard) when we enter the sampling mode.

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