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Welcome to the support section.

MOX Specification




Size/Weight (MOX6)

Width: 1329 mm
Height: 125 mm
Depth: 358 mm
Weight: 7.0 kg



Size/Weight (MOX8)

Width: 1320 mm
Height: 168 mm
Depth: 405 mm
Weight: 14.8 kg

Control Interface

Number of Keys: 61 (MOX8), 88 (MOX8)
Keyboard: Semi weighted (MOX6), GHS (MOX8)
Touch: Initial (no Aftertouch)

Tone Generator

Tone Generator: AWM2, with Expanded Articulation
Maximum Polyphony: 64 notes
Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 Parts (internal), Audio Input (A/D)
Wave: 355 MB (16-bit linear format), 2670 waveforms
Voices: Preset: 1,024 Normal Voices + 64 Drum Kits / GM: 128 Normal Voices + 1 Drum Kit / User: 128 x 3 banks + 32 User Drum Kits
Performance: User: 128 x 2 (up to 4 Parts)
Filter: 18 types
Effects: Insertion A/B 54 types 3 part, Vocoder 1, Reverb 9, Chorus 22, Master Effect 9, Master EQ 5 band, Part EQ 3 band stereo


Note Capacity: Approx. 226,000 notes
Note Resolution: 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Maximum Polyphony: 124 notes
Tempo (BPM): 5 – 300
Song recording type: Real time replace, Real time overdub (with the exception of the Pattern Chain), Real time punch in/out (Song only), Step (with the exception of the Pattern Chain)
Song tracks: Pattern: 16 Phrase tracks, Pattern Chain: Pattern track, Tempo track, Scene track Song: 16 sequence tracks (Loop on/off can be set for each track), Tempo track, Scene track
Songs: 64 Songs Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Song and up to 256 Voices for all Songs Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns
Patterns: 64 Patterns (x 16 sections), Measures: 256 maximum Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Pattern and up to 256 Voices for all Patterns Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns
Phrases: User Phrases: 256 per Pattern
Arpeggio: Preset: 6720 types / User: 256 types / *MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set
Scene Memory: 6 per Song
Sequence formats: Original format, SMF format 0, 1 (Format 1 load only)


Master: User: (128) four Zones (Master keyboard settings), Assignable Knob settings, Program Change Table
Sequence Software compatible with the Remote Control function: For Windows®: Cubase 5.5, compatible with the SONAR 8, Remote Control function For Macintosh®: Cubase 5.5, Logic 9, Digital Performer 6, 7
Controllers: Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Assignable Knobs x 8, Assignable Function buttons x 2, Data dial
Display: 240 x 64 dot backlit LCD
Connectors:  Output (1/4” L/R), Headphone (1/4” stereo), A/D Input (1/4” L/R), Foot Controller, Foot Switch, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB (to host, to device)
Accessories: AC Adaptor (PA-150), USB Cable, Cubase AI Disk Activation code for softsynth Prologue, YC-3B