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Welcome to the support section.


VOICE and PERFORMANCE mode (listed next to each other on the front panel) are the modes where you are communicating to the tone engine on a single MIDI Channel. In Voice mode you are playing one Voice, and in Performance mode you are playing as many as four Voices, each Voice placed in a “PART” - but the key thing to understand is you are transmitting to them all on a single MIDI channel.

The SONG and PATTERN modes (listed next to each other on the front panel; and listed under the heading “SEQUENCER") are the modes where the Motif XS/XF has multiple sounds (16), each in a PART and each PART can be on a different MIDI channel. You are actually free to place as many PARTS on the same channel as you require. You can transmit on one MIDI channel at a time but you can combine multiple PARTS on a single MIDI channel, as necessary to accomplish your goal.

You select Transmit channels by selecting the TRACK SELECT buttons [1]-[16]. Each Track can be set to transmit on any one of the 16 MIDI channels (although the default conditions 1=1, 2=2, 3=3, and so on). You can see the Transmit Channel for each track as follows:
From the main SONG or PATTERN screen
Press [F3] TRACK
Here you can see the “TxCh” or Transmit Channel assignment for each of the 16 tracks. And whether that track is set to transmit INT (internally) and/or EXT (externally).

There are two methods of transferring a PERFORMANCE into a SONG/PATTERN MIXING setup.


Press [JOB]
Press [F3] COPY
Press [SF3] PERF
Select the attributes you wish to copy and direct it to the group of four PARTS in the MIXING setup, 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 or 13-16

This will place all PARTS on the same MIDI channel (the current Basic MIDI Receive Channel). You can play them all just as you did in PERFORMANCE mode by selecting the lowest numbered PART.

Press [JOB]
Direct it to the group of four PARTS in the MIXING setup, 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 or 13-16

This will place all PARTS on separate MIDI channels. You will not be able to play them all simultaneously (except from a MASTER program set to transmit on 4 ZONES internally)… but this is useful when you want to recreate a PERFORMANCE in your sequence, but you want to execute each musical part individually.

Summary: There are two methods to move PERFORMANCE data into a SONG or PATTERN MIXING setup. One (COPY) places all PARTS on the same MIDI channel so you can play them together, the other (TEMPLATE) places all PARTS on different MIDI channels so that you can play/record them individually (or from an external controller).