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Viewing topic "Simultaneously record all tracks in pattern to audio files?"

Posted on: June 01, 2024 @ 07:07 PM
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Joined  09-09-2015
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Is it possible to simultaneously records all of the tracks in a pattern to my DAW instead of recording them one at a time?

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Posted on: June 02, 2024 @ 07:20 AM
- Henry -
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Joined  10-30-2011
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You can send MIDI data from the Motif ES’s sequencer to an external device by going to the [F3] TRACK -> [SF2] OUT SW menu and change the INT SW/EXT SW settings. You can adjust the Channel for each track too (and Port if connected via USB).

Another way is to save your pattern/song to USB as an SMF file (.mid), which you can then import into your DAW. In case all the MIDI note data is merged into one track, most DAWs can dissolve it into separate tracks according to their channels.

- H -

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