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Viewing topic "NEW Free Analog voices for Yamaha Motif XF/XS to download (.x0v) by Den©"

Posted on: May 25, 2023 @ 08:17 AM
by Den©
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Joined  04-23-2023
status: Newcomer

Hi! In the following links you can download 57 new voices for your Yamaha Motif XF/XS synthesizer. These are separate voices (.x0v) packed into .rar compressed file. Unrar it and just load them as Voice into your USR1,USR2,USR3,USR4 to any position as a single instrument (voice, as .x0v file) or load them one-by-one directly into a track of a SONG or PATTERN.

These voices are all inspired by JUNO 106 synth instrument and are a result of a developed resynthesizing algorithm and methode, made by Den©. (turn cutoff knob bravely)

Direct download link, Part 1 (81.8 MBytes)
Direct download link, Part 2 (30.2 MBytes)

Hope you all will enjoy it!

If you do, please let me know, since this algorithm is capable to produce many interesting instruments and then I will know if it is worth to proceed making them available for Motif users. Here I have some further demonstrations of already built virtual synth instruments inspired by even medieval original keyboard instruments, but before you click the link, let me inform you that I started to build a site for Yamaha Motif XF/XS and Kontakt player instruments made with my algorithm (a catalogue), but it is under construction yet. (

If you want to send me an email message:

by Den

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