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Viewing topic "2018 Holiday Sale - 25% off KARMA Motif Software and Xpansion Pack 1"

Posted on: December 25, 2018 @ 05:54 PM
Stephen Kay
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2018 Holiday Sale - 25% off KARMA Motif Software and Xpansion Pack 1


The Karma-Lab 2018 Holiday Sale is on, now thru January 1, 2019! For owners of these six supported Yamaha synthesizer models* that specifically means:

KARMA Motif Software - regular $199 - now $149.25 (save $49.75)

Xpansion Pack 1 - 32 additional KARMA Performances - regular $64 - now $48 (save $12).

* supported models:
Motif XF (6, 7, 8)
Motif XS (6, 7, 8)
MOXF (6, 8)
MOX (6, 8)
Motif Rack-XS
S70 XS/S90 XS

Complete details (and how to use a coupon code to get the discount): Karma-Lab 2018 Holiday Sale

About KARMA Motif:


(click for full-size screenshot)

KARMA Motif brings developer Stephen Kay’s award-winning and patented KARMA algorithmic music technology (famous as a feature on Korg keyboards such as the Oasys, the M3 and the Kronos) to a number of Yamaha synthesizers in a Mac/PC software package, giving them extensive new interactive groove generation, arpeggiation and arranger-like capabilities.

The software includes the ability to use each keyboard’s DAW Remote Mode to control all of KARMA’s functions directly from the keyboard, while KARMA sends parameter information and values directly to the keyboard’s display (on supported models). This allows you to control KARMA from the keyboard without looking at the computer, and makes it feel like the KARMA software is built-in to the keyboard. Shown below is the Remote Mode functionality for the XF/XS (but you can click it to see the Remote Modes for all supported models):


Remote Mode Motif XF - click for full-size and to see other models

KARMA Motif uses the keyboard’s Song/Multi/Mixing mode, where each of the included KARMA Performances is a complete, 16 part multi-track six-module KARMA algorithmic music groove, with a left hand and right hand zone for controlling KARMA and soloing on top of it, and eight fully voiced and completely different scenes. The keyboard’s arps are also additionally integrated in each Performance as additional elements that can be added via KARMA’s Intelligent Chord Trigger Transposition features. And since you are already in Song/Multi Mode, you’re just one step away from recording your KARMA-fied musical performances into the internal sequencer (on models with one) - or you can route the output to any DAW for external sequencing. Furthermore, a KARMA Performance can call up any Voice, Performance, Song, Pattern, or Master slot when loading, so that KARMA can be used in any of the supported model’s modes.

This 13 minute video introduction, if you haven’t already seen it, is a great introduction to KARMA’s interactive performance capabilities. The video is performed on the Motif XF, but the software operates the same and sounds the same on all supported models:


Happy Holidays! :)

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