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Viewing topic "[IGNORE] F5 Unavailable/Missing on Display"

Posted on: April 08, 2018 @ 02:35 AM
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Can’t figure out how to delete the thread, but this one can be ignored. It was operator headspace on my part. I wasn’t going into utility first. Duh.

***Original Post***
I have had my Motif connected to Cubase for years, but now something has changed and I don’t know why - nothing happens when I press [F5] on the Motif. Upon closer inspection, there is just a blank space on the screen between the little tab that says “Arpeggio” and the one that says “Effect”.

I have looked at the troubleshooting steps in the manual, but am stumped and could use some help.
***Original Post***

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Posted on: April 08, 2018 @ 05:23 AM
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What you are seeing is perfectly normal. In Voice and Performance Play modes there’s no tab shown on the display for the [F5] position.

If you want to determine if the [F5] button switch itself is functional, here’s a quick test…
Press [SONG]
Press [F1](Track View)
Select a Song having some sequencer data.
Press [F5](Zoom Out) and determine if the track display compresses the range of Measures, as it should.

If the display doesn’t change with that test, then the switch at the [F5] position might be defective.

If the [F5] button changes the display, then please be more specific as to the problem you’re having.

EDIT: You edited your post while I composed and posted my reply.

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Posted on: April 08, 2018 @ 07:20 PM
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Joined  08-13-2008
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Thanks so much for the quick response - I appreciate it!

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