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Viewing topic "Motif XS Master Mode Sound switching problem"

Posted on: December 29, 2017 @ 06:00 AM
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Dear all,

I am struggling to achieve a solution to switch between two different Voices within a tune using Master Mode on my Motif XS.

What I want to achieve:
Using Pre4: 111 Hybrid Section for the main parts of the tune in Master Mode and then switch to the Voice Pre1:002 Rock Grand Piano out of the Master Mode for the solo part.

I created a Master and did the following settings:

Master Mode
Common Edit, Other
Mode “Voice”
Memory Pre1: 002 Rock Grand Piano
Zone Switch “on”
Knob Control Assign to “zone”.

Edit Zone 1
Transmit Channel 1 Int Switch “ticked”
Ext Switch “unticked”

Tx Switch, Program
Int Bank Select “ticked”
Int Program Change “ticked”
Ext Bank Select “unticked”
Ext Program Change “unticked”

Bank MSB Zone 1 063
Bank LSB Zone 1 003
Program Change 111
Volume 100
Pan C

I saved the above setting.

When I switch to that Master the sound “Hybrid Section” is selected as expected BUT when I press the Voice Mode button to leave Master Mode and switch to Voice Mode to play the associated Rock Grand Piano, the sound Pre4 111 Hybrid Section gets selected.

I followed the instructions of the old Power User “Understanding Motif Master Mode” which works fine with my Motif Classic.

I am really looking for guidance. Have I forgotten anything, do you see any mistakes in my approach?



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Posted on: December 29, 2017 @ 10:19 AM
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I don’t own a Motif Classic, and I’m not sure of certain functional details. However, my XS doesn’t behave the way you’d like yours to in Master mode.

With the Zone Switch “off”, whatever “Memory” is set to will be what can be played from the keyboard

With the Zone Switch “on”, Transmit Channel 1 Int Switch “ticked”, Int Bank Select “ticked”, and Int Program Change “ticked”, the so-selected Voice will be playable from the keyboard. The “Memory” setting is ignored.

In either of the two previous cases, the Voice that was playable in Master mode is the one chosen when Voice mode is selected.

It’s unclear to me why you want to exit Master mode to play a different Voice. You’re playing the “Hybrid Section” Voice via a Master, so why not associate “Rock Grand Piano” with another Master, and then just select that one? That way, you can leave the Zone Switch “off”, Transmit and Tx Switch settings “unticked”, and Bank MSB/LSB and PC at default settings.

If that won’t meet your needs, please let us know why.

By the way, Master Mode information for the XS is here:

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Posted on: December 30, 2017 @ 05:01 AM
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Joined  01-31-2004
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Dear 5pinDIN,

Thank you very much for your reply and the link to the “Understanding the Master Mode” for the XS.

It seems that the function I was looking for does not exist on the Motif XS anymore.

I quoted an extract of the Understanding Motif Master Mode (v1.7) document to explain what I achieved with the Motif Classic and wanted to achieve with the Motif XS

Scenario 1 (p.4 following of the a.m. document)


Scenario 1:  On the opening number of the evening you need to start with a single Voice, a solo Motif acoustic piano, (Power Grand).  Later you will need a Motif electric piano Voice (Vintage ’74) layered with an external module string-pad sound.  There are a several ways to accomplish this.  This example will give some idea of the flexibility of the MASTER mode when used as a Zone Controller. 

Go to MASTER 001. Press [JOB] and Initialize MASTER 001.  From the main MASTER screen, press [F2] Memory, associate this location with the VOICE mode Memory location “PRE1:  001 Power Grand” (more on this in a moment).  We will activate the ZONE parameters to recall both the internal electric piano sound and the external string sound. 
Press [F4] PRESET.  Here you can set the Bank Select and Program Change values for the Motif tone generator.  Set this to:  PRESET 1; Voice 014 • “BankMSB” 063 • “BankLSB” 000 • “PgmChange” 014 (Vintage ’74) • Set “Volume”, as required •
Set “Pan”, as required

NOTE:  This MSB/LSB and PC will override the associated Voice selected back on the [F2] MEMORY screen. 3 When you Press MASTER 001 you will get this Rhodes sound rather than the Power Grand.
When setting up the MASTER location, we associated it with a VOICE on the MEMORY screen, by pressing [F2] from the main MASTER screen. Place the single Voice that you are going to play on the left side of this screen. In our examples we associated the Power Grand as that single Voice.  We used the MASTER Zone MSB/LSB setup to point to the Vintage ’74 sound internally and the String sound externally.

When this MASTER setup is recalled, the Vintage ‘74/External layer sound overrides the Power Grand. 

To play just the Power Grand press the [VOICE] mode button – this will exit MASTER mode and recall the associated Power Grand sound;

to play the internal/external layer press the MASTER button.  This works because when you recall the MASTER it will send out the Bank Select and Program Change information to both the internal Motif controlled Zone and to the external Zone. And when you select VOICE you are not transmitting out via MIDI (MIDI Transmit OUT parameter is OFF, remember). This will work anytime your principal sound, in this case a Motif Voice, and your Zone controlled sound is also a Motif Voice.  It will work if your associated sound is a Performance and your Zone controlled sound is also a Motif Performance.  In other words, you cannot use his trick to switch from an associated Voice to a Zone-selected Performance (or vice versa) with this power tip.


The paragraph in bold is exactly what does not work on my XS. Unfortunately I can’t figure out why. Applied to my case the XS does not switch to the Power Grand but to the Vintage ‘74 in Voice Mode when leaving the Master Mode.

The only thing I could imagine is that somewhere in one of the menus (Utility etc) there is a ticked box I have to untick or vice versa…

Does anyone have an idea or solution? I would be really grateful to figure out a solution because the function of an associated Voice to another Voice in Master Mode was handy without any compromises on the effect chains instead of trying to generate the same sound quality in a Performance or Song with the Expression Pedal controlling the levels of the different Voices etc. I was used to use this concept for nearly all my solo sounds without the need of wasting to many memory slots in the Master Mode for additional solo Masters.

I am really looking forward to your replies.

cheers and pretty close to a Happy New Year 2018 ;-)


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