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Viewing topic "VL board better on es7 or mu128?"

Posted on: July 01, 2012 @ 11:52 PM
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Would there be any differences between these two:
1) VL board on motif es7, using a BC3.
2) VL board on MU128 (rack); connected to Arturia 49 midi keyboard / controller; using BC3 at the Arturia’s BC in.

Which would be better? And why?


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Posted on: July 02, 2012 @ 04:07 AM
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It would depend on whether you have PLG150-VL or PLG100-VL.

The PLG150-VL was made for the Yamaha Modulular Synthesis Plug-in System products, which include the Motif ES. And would provide the user with specially programmed VOICE data for use in the MSPS product. So a PLG150-VL placed in a Motif ES would have access to Voices made specifically for use by the VL board in a Motif ES. You also would be able to address the special RAM bank where you can load custom made Voices using the Motif ES’s ability to AUTO LOAD data to the PLG150-VL.

The PLG100-VL was made for the Yamaha XG products, which include the MU128. The MU128 does not have the ability to make and store USER VOICES so it does not have the ability to create USER VOICES that can be stored in the MU. As with all XG/GM products, the VOICE Edits are always contained in a SETUP BAR that precedes playback of the music data.

Obviously a PLG150-VL in a Motif ES has an advantage as you can create and store Voices that combine the tone generation of the Plug-in board with the Effect processors and Controller assignments of the host product in a more profound way than you could with a PLG100-VL or with an MU128.

The Effect processing, Controller assignment functions of the Motif ES are far superior to those in the MU128. Being able to create new Voices, using the parameters of Motif ES with the PLG VL as the sound source, gives the Motif ES a huge edge. Being able to AUTO LOAD your custom data is also an advantage of the PLG150-series Boards.

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Posted on: July 02, 2012 @ 04:55 AM
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I have plg150-VL, and I see your point.

Bad Mister, you ain’t ‘Bad’, sir: you rock! (only if you had a dollar each time you heard it :))

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Posted on: July 23, 2012 @ 05:54 PM
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i agree,you rocks…

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Posted on: December 30, 2016 @ 12:58 AM
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I’m lucky (or not so, depending on your viewpoint) to recently have acquired a MotifRack ES to which I’ve added a PLG150VL-VL that I already had on a SW100XG and a MU100R that came with PLG100-VL & PLG100-VH boards. I paid more for the MU100R than I did the Motif unit, mainly because I got fed up of waiting for a decent one at the right price, but also because It was complete and not robbed of its PLG boards.

I also have a VL70m with the Patchman chip so have a variety of options to play with (I intend getting hold of an EX5 and VL1 in the future too).  My question is - is there a straight duplication of functions between the Motif/PLG setup and the MU100R/PLG setup ignoring the differing capabilities of the host units, or does each setup offer unique functions not available on the other.  I’m referring to the VL options and presets available in each unit not the obvious huge benefits of the Motifs added functional capability.

I’ve always been a fan of XG since it’s first introduction way back in the techno dark ages so my purchase was in part sentimental but also because the incessant evolution of computers and their OS’s has meant that I’ve finally got to retire my SW1000XG as I no longer want to have a computer that exists just so that I can continue using it. I’ve also parted with my CVP92 for much the same reason - space!

My use of the PLG150-VL strapped on to the SW1000XG and utilised via XGWorks was never satisfying even with the addition of a wind controller, in fact, so frustrating that I barely used it. Now though, I’m in VL paradise and am in awe of what I can achieve with the equipment I’ve got.  At last I’m able to avail myself of all the things that VL seemed to promise the world but which totally eluded me.

I’m at a complete loss as to why VL technology is a thing of the past but thanks to the supreme efforts of Rudy Verpaele and his wonderful VL-Wizard software it will hopefully get a new breath of life and continue to flourish.

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Posted on: January 08, 2017 @ 03:35 AM
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I have PLG150-VL along with PLG150-DX and PLG150-AN. All three boards were previously in my Motif ES and VL works nice with BC3a.
After ES, I bought Rack XS and MOXF and finally realized that is too much for me to keep two keyboards.
But, I want to keep vintage stuff and not to sell PLGs but only Motif ES. That’s why I check thoroughly about using PLGs in MU tone generators and find that most suitable for me is to buy MU2000EX.
This unit have full capability for playing and editing sounds on PLG150 boards, while MU128 could only support playing sounds from PLG150. Moreover, EX firmware update brings several improvements on MU2000 including effects that could be found on Motif series synths (this could be translated from and MU2000EX brochure). I have checked this and honestly I have to say that I’m really impressed with MU2000EX. I have loaded some PLG libraries that I have previously used on ES. I couldn’t hear the difference between my last setup on ES. MU2000EX has also direct USB support and I checked it with the latest version of Yamaha USB driver on Win7 SP1 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Everything works without issues using PLG editors on all three boards. For VL, there are setting in MU menu for WX/BC or TouchEG. I have played VL sounds with WX/BC set to on and BC3a connected via MIDI Solutions Breath Controller. Everything sounds correct and response is very good!
Additional benefits of MU2000EX is that it works with iPad, but direct USB connection is no more supported on iOS 10. On iOS9 MU was recognized in Cubasis and I could even play and record both internal XG sounds and PLG sounds. Now, I’m using MU with iPad either connected via iMX-1 to 5pin MIDI on MU or with Bluetooth BT-01 connected to MU! Although Yamaha didn’t put older devices in the list of supported devices,
I have tested BT-01 both with Motif ES and MU2000EX and there were no problems!
For instance, my setup is to connect USB keyboard (Korg Microkey) to IPad Air 2 via camera connection kit, while BT-01 is in MU2000EX. On iPad I have MidiBridge app where I just have to connect via software USB MIDI input from keyboard to Bluetooth output port and I could play PLG sounds wirelessly!!!

Hope that this could help someone else.

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